Advanced Scratch

David Harper with Everything Electronic coders

Sunday 17th March : Upper Hall, MacRobert Hall, Tarland, 10:30 to 12:00

  • This is aimed at experienced Scratch coders who want to develop more sophisticated Scratch and coding skills. You should be able to:
    • make multi-level games;
    • handle loops;
    • know how to use operators and clones;
    • understand broadcasting and receiving messages.
  • The workshop will cover:
    • approaches to simplifying the handling of sprites;
    • lists and list operators;
    • advanced use of loops and nested loops;
    • advanced use of operators;
    • identifying and using individual clones

Tutor : We count ourselves fortunate to have David Harper, who is a retired Professor of Computer Science as part of our Everything Electronic Team. He has dynamised and stretched our coders and will be leading this advanced workshop supported by other members of Everything Electronic.