CafeSci Adults talks

Thursday 7th. March : 19:30 – 21:00 : Angie’s Cafe : FUNGUS AMONGST US
Entry Fee : £4.00 adults, free for those in FTE

The first of two local speakers, Dr. Jude Bain of the MRC centre for Medical Mycology at the University of Aberdeen, will be explaining that microscopic fungi inhabit our bodies and surroundings, often without cause for concern.

Yet, fungal disease is an emerging threat from these hidden potential killers. She will be talking us on a microscopic tour to explore the fascinating interactions between our immune cells and the fungi we encounter.

Thursday 28th. March : 19:30 – 21:00 : Angie’s Cafe : A RAPIDLY CHANGING WORLD
Entry Fee : £4.00 adults, free for those in FTE

Dr. Matthew Hare of the Hutton Institute will talk about community-based adaptation to climate change in a rapidly changing world.